MasterChef to My Kitchen Rules: Reddit users expose TV cooking show skeletons

Masterchef judges Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston and George Calombaris. How much of this food is real? My Kitchen Rules judges Manu Fiedel and Pete Evans.

The food presented to judges is actually a completely different dish, Reddit users have claimed.

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Undercooked chicken coated in shining spray, professional chefs burning things, multiple versions of the one dish and interns cooking the food – welcome to the awful reality of television cooking shows.

All of the nasty secrets of our most beloved cooking programs have been revealed in a Reddit forum which asked people who have worked on cooking shows to spill the beans.

Their answers were shocking as well as entertaining, with one caterer on The Oprah Winfrey Show even revealing that Tom Cruise had no idea how to make his own grandmother’s carbonara.

Perhaps the most surprising revelation however, was that judges don’t actually eat the dishes placed in front of them, and many of the finished plates you see are sprayed with aerosols to make them look nicer.

“Most of the food is either A) not edible (under-cooked chicken, just browned on the outside to look good for camera or sprayed with shining spray to make it look glossy) or B) eaten by the crew,” claims one Reddit user called ‘Elroypaisley’ claimed, who worked on a daytime talk show with daily cooking segments.

On contest-style shows, such as MasterChef or My Kitchen Rules, several versions of the same dish are also made, with all of the food eventually thrown away.

“If it’s a contest style show the judges don’t eat the version that you see cooked and plated,” claims ‘Absinthevisions’, whose brother-in-law works for a major cooking channel.

“That version is thrown away and a new version is cooked specifically for them to eat. Then they take 2-3 bites from a plate and throw the rest away.

“Many of the final versions are not real food or are inedible because they have been painted or sprayed with chemicals to make them pretty.”

And when celebrity chefs face-off with contestants for mystery ingredient challenges and totally own them? One Reddit user alleged that’s because the celebs were told the secret ingredient hours before.

When the celebrity chefs also mess up the recipe, which happens often, one Reddit user claimed, they just edit the scene out and cook it all over again.

There’s good news for MasterChef fans, however.

The Australian version was praised again and again in the forum for donating food leftovers as well as being riveting viewing in countries like Italy, of all places.

MasterChef Australia donates leftover and unused food from each episode to non-profit organisation Foodbank, which provides meals for the hungry.

It also turns out that many people overseas are big fans of Gary, George and Matt.

“I was on holiday in Italy last year, and they had a dubbed version of MasterChef Australia on TV. Apparently it’s huge there,” ‘Daniel15’ wrote.

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