Eddie Boyd and The Phatapillars at Rad Bar

Eddie Boyd, centre, and The Phatapillars – Andy Nielsen, left, and Sandy Clarke.EDDIE BOYD AND THE PHATAPILLARS
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August 27:Rad Bar, WollongongDon’t be alarmed if you stumble upon three chilled musos sleeping on an Illawarra beach at the end of August. Eddie Boyd and The Phatapillars are quite acquainted with spending the night on theshoreline – it saves money on hotels.

Drummer Andy Nielsen explains their love of music doesn’t exactly pay their bills, so they have kept their day jobs. He hopes one day all the scrimping will be worth it and they’ll be able to play a major festival like Splendour in the Grass or Lollapalooza.

“The ultimate goal is to just gig and play music, have fun and tour around while we can, while we’re still young. It’s not about being rich and famous, just if we can support ourselves comfortably doing what we love,” Nielsen says.

“Eddie and I are drifters. We’re not the kind of people who leave school, get a degree and focus on something I guess.”

Ironically, Nielsen is studying at Sydney’s Institute of Music in Surry Hills, and has aspirations of getting into a masters of teaching.

“I seem to be doing more outside of the course than in the course. I’m learning a lot more being on the road and actually playing music, than I am being in class writing things down in a book,” he says.

“That hands-on life experience seems to be more worth it than knowledge passed down from someone who lived in the ’80s.”

Touring is like a holiday for the trio, an adventure presenting opportunities to meet interesting people. “It’s just like a road trip every two months, like I’ve done more travelling than my dad has done,” he laughs.

“We just love getting out, meeting new people and seeing new places, finding new weird and obscure places to sleep as well.”

Beaches are the most frequented place to crash, with Thirroul in particular having hosted the “grunge roots” group a few times, Nielsen calling it “five-star accommodation”.

Under a trailer, cars parked on the side of the road, and random people’s lounge-rooms have also been top places to crash.

“Yeah, people’s houses that we meet at gigs and they’re like ‘come back, we have a spare room’. Then you get there and it’s like their living room with a couple of camping yoga mats on the ground and some couch pillows. But our favourite is the beach.”

Wherever they end up, you’ll know it’s all for the love of music. But what exactly is their sound? It’s a question Nielsen hates to answer because it “throws his mind into a fit”.

“We kind of started settling on grunge roots. So the idea is if John Butler and Nirvana had a child then that would be us.

“It’s really strange, but the music is kind of rootsy and a bit bluesy, but then live show is also very energetic and rock ‘n’ roll and loud.”

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