DVD REVIEW: The Search For Freedom

Nanjing Night Net

Universal Sony, 96mins

I WAS expecting a visual feast of adventure sports by leading heroes including Robbie Maddison, Tony Hawk, Robby Naish, Glenn Singleman and the like. But what I got was much, much more.

This is more than slick; the footage is riveting, the editing seamless. But it is the premise, the discussion of what drives sportsmen to extreme challenges, that is the most captivating.

Singleman, for instance. This Sydney emergency doctor is a legendary BASE jumper wingsuit flyer. He genuinely figures that his and his wife’s (Heather Swan) desire to push themselves comes down to their specific DNA.

From The Search For Freedom

FMX rider Maddison acknowledges the need for a challenge was something he always carried as a kid, reinforced by a gust of wind to his face while visiting the grave site of the original motorcycle stunt legend Evel Knievel.

The footage provides a huge adrenalin rush across several sports – surfing, skiing, sailboarding, rock climbing, skateboarding, long boards. The documentary includes excellent background from people like Warren Miller (adventure ski films), Bob McKnight (a founder of Quiksilver), rock climber Ron Kauk, mountain-bike pioneer Gary Fisher, skateboarder Danny Way, snowboarders Annie Boulanger and Jeremy Jones.

It’s very heavy with Americans, and males. But still, highly entertaining.

Rating: ★★★

– Jim Kellar

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