DVD REVIEW: The Gunman


Universal Sony, 115mins

SEAN Penn has got it. At 54 years old, he can still play the action man and be convincing.

Based on the French novel The Prone Gunman, the scene is set with Penn acting as an undercover hitman in the Congo, working for a third party contracted to multinational mining companies which did not want the government to nationalise their assets.

Penn kills the country’s interior secretary and flees undetected. He also leaves behind his lover, a doctor, Annie (Jasmine Trinca), without explanation.

Seven years later he comes looking for answers. He’s made his way back to the Congo, but somebody wants him dead. Again, he flees, seeking answers from his original security contractor in London. That leads him to Barcelona, where his former contract mate Javier Bardem is now married to his former lover.

Guns, chases, threats, sex. It’s all there, pushing the plot to its predictable conclusion.

Warning: the body count is high.

Rating: ★★★

– Jim Kellar

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