DVD REVIEW: Grand Designs Series 12

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KEVIN McCloud is as sharp as ever, showing us new possibilities and revisiting old projects to see what changes have been made.

Patrick Bradley’s cargo container pad on the family farm in County Derry, Northern Ireland, is one of the most challenging projects with an outstanding result. While £135,000 is considered cheap, the architect (who also farms) gets a lot of bang for his buck with a building design that originally looks very clunky but comes good with an excellent choice of covering materials and landscaping.

There are several other clever and creative projects in this season, including a round house on a property, an amphibious house on the River Thames and a villa in Snowdonia.

McCloud isn’t afraid to point out the challenges and mistakes, but is a bit heavy on the poetic praise in his summaries. The outstanding feature is always the individuality that shines through in these ambitious projects.

Rating: ★★★

– Jim Kellar

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