Dad asks MPs for holiday travel cash

Holiday destination Uluru. Donate to Stephen Callaghan’s holiday fundhere

A FATHER of three has set up a crowd-funding campaign hoping federal politicians will help fund his family holiday to Uluru.

Stephen Callaghan, of Blue Haven, decided to make the invitation to MPs after being outraged to learn some fly their children around the country on the taxpayer.

‘‘I think it was always in the back of our mind that the politicians were abusing the system by scheduling these iffy appointments just so they could go to the footy, but I had no idea they were carting around their family at our expense,’’ he said on Monday.

The page began with this post:

“Dear Federal MP’s … It has come to my attention that many of you have been using tax payers’ money to fly your children around on various holidays, fireworks visits, excursion and overseas vacations.

I would appreciate it greatly if you were able to donate to my Go Fund Me campaign so MY kids can go on a holiday too.

This isn’t designed to beg for donationsfrom everyday Australians…. they have already paid too much for YOUR kids…. but I find that Australian people are generally amazingly generous and fair minded. I can guarantee I will get more from Aussie Workers than I will from Politicians on $200k (plus entitlments)… all I ask is that, in the words of our great Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, my children get a “fair go.”

Please consider being a Lifter (not a Leaner) and lifting my kids aboard a plane or a train (or even a crusie ship if you give generously) by sharing the perks YOU get with 3 ordinary Australian kiddies.

By last night, the page had more than $4249 pledged and was updated with the following information:

“Thank you for the donations and more importantly the beautiful words of support.

‘I thought you should know the following donations from Federal MPs…



Christopher Pyne – BUGGER ALL

Bronwyn Bishop – NOT A SAUSAGE


Every other Federal MP… Labor, Liberal, Greens & Independents – ZILCH.

“This campaign has exceeded my expectations for one very simple reason.

I didn’t really have any expectations.

It angered me that our politicians just take for granted and treat so casually the things that you and I have to work for. My kids have never even been on a plane, let alone Business Class. But then getting others to pay for my family holiday wasn’t my main motivation either.

I wanted to shame our Politicians. To make them aware that we think their squandering of our hard earned money has gone on long enough. It has to stop.

Is this achieving that? I don’t know for sure but I do know this campaign has been getting plenty of publicity. ABC Radio & TV, SBS TV. Radio New Zealand, the BBC, Buzzfeed, The Daily Mail. The Today Show. And the donations from ordinary people have been humbling. There is a common theme… you are angry and disgusted too.

But one thing has not happened. Not one word of acknowledgment, not one donation, from a Federal Politician. This to me just highlights the arrogance and contempt with which they hold us all.

What will happen to the money? I am naturally getting some blowback. People angry that I am taking money so I can have a nice holiday. Envy or anger maybe that they didn’t think of it first.

Well we had planned a holiday. A driving holiday to Uluru. Staying in caravan parks in our camper trailer. Doing it as cheaply as we could. And we still will. The money will go towards some new tyres for our car… it is after all a 6,900 klm round trip…maybe some fuel… maybe a treat for the kids and one night in a hotel for us all.

We will however be making a substantial donation on your behalf to a charity called Stewart House… they provide holidays free of care to kids who are doing it tough at home. More info can be found here stewarthouse.org419论坛

I will post here the full details of the amount given when this campaign is done. I will give our Pollies a few more days… just in case they really want to help me out 🙂

Thank you again to those who have donated and for the heartwarming comments. If nothing else has been achieved you have shown my kids what bloody wonderful people there are in the world.”

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