Harbour Apartments construction restarts

The Harbour Apartments construction site in May. Picture: ADAM McLEANWork has resumed on the Harbour Apartments construction site opposite WIN Stadium and developer Kollco Holdings believes it will be full steam ahead within weeks.
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Workers downed tools on May 1 when the contract with Camarda & Cantrill was terminated because the builder could not meet its contract obligations.

Kollco has since been working closely with unions representing disgruntled contractors owed more than $1.2 million and new builder Advanced Constructions to get the project back on track.

Chief operating officer of Kollaras Property Holdings, John Kollaras, told the Mercury there were workers on site this week, mainly meeting WorkCover and occupational health and safety obligations, before full-scale construction recommences.

Mr Kollaras said he had been involved in productive discussions with the CFMEU, and some of the subcontractors who had previously been working on the site were returning.

Those conversations were continuing, he said.

Subcontractors were left in the lurch when Camarda & Cantrill bailed out of the Harbour Apartments project, on the corner of Burelli and Harbour streets.

The Illawarra company was placed in the hands of liquidators owing more than $4 million.

Kollco Holdings Pty Ltd said it was in the process of “quantifying the amount of loss” it was owed due to the “abandonment” of the contract.

Its website says the high-rise will offer single level two and three-bedroom apartments with outdoor living and spacious balconies, and feature “cosmopolitan style” with coastal views.

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Find yourself feeling crappy? Try these five things

Georgia van Tiel and Carla McMillan of Bodypass get their happy on. Photo: Robert Saponja.We all go through times in our lives when life doesn’t go the way we expected.
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Things happen thatthrow us in the deep end and we find ourselves in situations we can’t actually change but that make us feel … crappy.

Perhaps this has to do with work. Or maybe you have a few days in a row where you had big plans and you get sick so you’re forced to take time off. Maybe you budgeted for something that’s become more expensive and you have to put some things on the back-burner.

These are all situations that are out of our control, yet they can send even the happiest people around the bend and bring on negative emotions.

If the situation itself can’t be controlled, then why do we feel crappy about it?

It’s the way that your mind reacts to it – or rather – the way your subconscious thought pattern ‘tells’ you to react. With exasperation, frustration, anger or hopelessness.

If you can become more conscious, then you can change the way you relate to a situation and that will change the outcome of something you would have perceived as negative to something that beings welcome surrender, feels calm or simply ‘meant to be’. It is what it is.

When we are overcome by our attachment to an idea we have in our minds about what things are supposed to be like, we spend a lot of time dwelling on the past or living with the future in mind and this does little for our state of fulfillment in the now.

“The true definition of mental illness is when the majority of your time is spent in the past or future, but rarely living in the realism of NOW.”

How though, do we change the way we see things in our minds to make the days we live happier? Here’s fiveeasy ways.

1. Recognise the emotion.

Instead of sinking into the pits of ‘should have, could have, would have’… be conscious of what it is you’re feeling. Is it despair, anger, frustration or loneliness? The emotion is there for a reason, even if it is created by the mind.

Give it a little room to be … feel it. We rarely, if ever, give our emotions a place to be recognised before we push them down and pretend they don’t exist. How many times has someone asked you what was wrong, only for you to say ‘nothing’, even though there are 15 things getting you down. Own the emotion and it is much easier to send that baby flying away.

2. Make a conscious decision to wave goodbye to that emotion, it’s fleeting.

Only you can make the decision to wallow in it – the emotion itself doesn’t make the choice to stay, you have the responsibility of control over it.

Picture a baby who cries for an instant over a toy being snatched away. Is that baby still upset about it an hour later? No. A baby probably isn’t too fazed about losing the toy even three minutes later. We forget to live in the moment like a child does and this is something we’d be much better off doing.

3. Talk yourself through it.

With pushing our emotions under the rug comes a constant habit of deafening our ears to our own voice. Many people today who’re dwelling in the past or existing only thinking about the future don’t have a good relationship with themselves. An excellent way of dealing with set-backs is to have a quick reality ‘check-in’ with yourself.

Phrases like “will my worrying change the future?”, “everything will work out as it needs to”, “What is this lesson here to teach me?” or “things are as they should be” will help you to relax and surrender in crappy situations.

4. Become comfortable with uncertainty.

As adults we hold onto negative emotions as if they will comfort us, and then many of us feel secure or safe feeling crappy because we’ve identified with that feeling for so long. It’s time to give yourself permission to be okay with uncertainty. The better you can respond to uncertainty in life the more opportunity you have to feel fulfilled because guess what? Life is never certain and we simply can’t control everything.

5. Breathe.

How many times in our lives do things happen out of our control and we go from whoa to CRAZY in .2 seconds flat? Unleashing fury and vitriol or helpless anxiety reaction over ourselves or anybody around us. And the one thing we forgot to do is breathe. Giving ourselves a small pocket of breath allows us to calm any instant negative reaction and follow the steps above.

An excellent breathing technique that calms nerves and reduces physical and emotional pain is the following. Try it today in a moment of stress or anxiety.

A slow count of four while breathing in, then count of four holding the breath. Then a slow count of four breathing out out and hold the breath out for four seconds and repeat.

What’s left?

A calmer, happier person who can roll with the ebbs and flows of life with peace, purpose and a strong belief that they are right where they should be.

JoinBodypassfor a variety of wellness classes to help you bounce back.​Alice Nichollsis a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Life Transformation Coach.

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Hoverboard charging stations? Library vision sought

Next generation: Acting Wollongong lord mayor Chris Connor with Thirroul toddler Tom Giles at the Thirroul Library. Picture: ROBERT PEETWollongong’s future libraries could have hoverboard charging stations, no physical buildings or just a lot of good old-fashioned reading nooks, according to the city’s acting lord mayor Chris Connor.
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Wollongong City Council, which is preparing to change its book services over the next seven years, wants residents to dream up their ideal public library.

On Monday, the organisation launched its Beyond Books strategy, and has called for public comment before staff begin developing the future library plan.

“As part of our work on this strategy, we’re looking at a range of questions including whether there are even physical buildings housing libraries in the future,” Cr Connor said.

“Or do we have more but smaller branch libraries? These are really interesting concepts and we want to hear what the community thinks our libraries should be like in 2022.”

As part of the consultation, residents are asked to imagine walking into a library in 2022 and to respond through the council’s website on why they’re there, who they’re with, where the library is and what activities/services the council should provide.

The council is also asking people to gather with friends or in book clubs to talk through the same questions and reply to the council by the end of the month.

Later in the year, library workers will hold stalls at Dapto Street Fair and Spring into Corrimal and will host a series of community workshops to develop a draft library strategy.

This will go on exhibition early next year, the council said.

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Peel St project a little beauty

HISTORIC MOMENT: Hundreds of people turn out to commemorate the completion of the first stage of the Peel St beautification project on August 12, 1995. A CITY’S SOUL: Councillor Phil Betts, LJ Hooker co-principal Richie Thornton and businesswoman Carolyn Manning reflect on Peel Street’s transformation throughout the years. Photo: Gareth Gardner 280415GGC03
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A BOLD decision to embark on an ambitious 11-year redevelopment of the CBD has been credited with paving the way for Tamworth’s enduring economic growth.

Today marks 20 years since the first stage of the visionary multi-million-dollar Peel St beautification project was officially opened with a gala street party.

Stage one, focusing on the stretch between Brisbane and Fitzroy streets, saw footpaths widened, trees planted and seats, lights and bollards erected.

The plans to transform Peel St into a boulevard, which were put out for public consultation in 1992-93, initially met with considerable resistance.

Many residents kicked up a stink over the council’s proposal to narrow the thoroughfare and cut the number of kerbed parking spaces.

But Tamworth mayor Col Murray said the community is now reaping the benefits of the council staying true to its vision.

“I think it’s been absolutely fantastic,” he said. “The CBD is the strongest indicator of a city’s soul and how vibrant it is economically.

“The CBD needs to be busy and vibrant and have a good mix of multi-national and national, as well as ‘mum and dad’ companies.”

LJ Hooker Tamworth co-principal Richie Thornton said he had never seen the Peel St precinct in such good health.

“Having been born in Tamworth, I’ve seen the transition of the main street over the years and I have to say I have never seen it look as good as it does now,” he said.

“It shouldn’t be underestimated because it made the CBD come of age and I think the CBD would now be in a lot of trouble if those decisions had not been made.”

John Lobban, who owns the Purseglove’s and Cutting Point buildings, said the then planning minister’s decision in the early 2000s to stop a planned expansion of Shoppingworld was crucial to the CBD’s growth.

Cr Murray said he was desperate to find the funds to proceed with plans for a planned$6 million upgrade to link the CBD to Bicentennial Park.

He said the redevelopment of Fitzroy St and Kable Ave could create a “mini-Martin Place” that would drive a fresh wave of investment.

“Tamworth has been pretty much at the vanguard of beautifying our CBD, but I honestly think that mantle has diminished over the last few years.

“I think, in reality, we should have been doing the next stage about five years ago, so I don’t think we can afford to wait much longer.”

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Evidence shows link with health issues

ON BEHALF of CADS (Citizens Against Dayling Saving) members, I sincerely thank Joy Cunningham for her letter (The NDL, August 6), “End NSW’s dictatorial daylight saving”.
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I also fully support Joy’s comments.

Medical evidence has been ignored that changes to our body clocks are linked to health problems, including diabetes and depression.

In fact, I have been contacted by people who have been told by their doctors that the lack of melatonin is their reason for depression and could be the cause of Type 2 diabetes, due to also having low levels of melatonin.

It’s time to stop changing our circadian rhythms and body clocks by having a four-year trial without daylight saving.

It’s bad enough for adults to cope with the two problems mentioned, but for the parents and pre-teenagers it’s tragic. Some are as young as five years old.

Judith Law


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‘Bitter malcontents’ jibe may be snobby

MERCURIUS Goldstein is right about our living in a topsy-turvy world (“Stay at home and boo the television”, The NDL, Monday), but I don’t want his letter, or any lack of clarity in mine of August 7 (“Something rotten in the merry old land of Oz”), to leave any doubt as to what I was saying.
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It’s this: allegations of racism, protected by political correctness, are now perceived by some among the ranks of the educated and powerful establishment as an overriding licence for reducing a child to tears at the football, unfairly shifting blame for this to security personnel, and class discriminatory abuse like Professor Langton’s of ordinary football patrons.

The operative phrase above is “some among”; the AFL was divided for the very good reason that its more thoughtful members knew that once you start saying “people who boo at the football are just trash” – or is that “white trash”? – you might lose those spectators, without whose money at the turnstiles there’d be no AFL and no Adam Goodes, Brownlow medallist and Australian of the Year.

But as to “some”, we can probably do without your stereotyping of all members of the establishment, as in the persons of Devine and Bolt.

Your idea of taking your family to the football is great, Mercurius. If spectators boo a player for two years, you know you can add to whatever you tell them that Stan Heuston thinks they are being bloodyminded. But I wouldn’t bother telling them that their booing is “co-ordinated”, or calling them “bitter malcontents”. It might sound snobby.

And congratulations on not having used the racist allegation in your letter.

Stan Heuston


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Hairy league players grow beards of hope

ON A QUEST: Young Tintinhull dad Dan Greenwood is normally cleanshaven, but this beard is there for a reason. Photo: Barry Smith 050815BSC01FOR Tintinhull couple Dan and Kimberley Greenwood, June 6 should have been a joyous occasion, the day they welcomed their precious baby daughter, Imogen, to the world.
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Instead, on April 13, 34 weeks into the pregnancy, they received the news no parent ever wants to hear … their baby’s heart had stopped beating.

Consumed by grief, Kimberley blamed herself, wondering what she did wrong for this tragedy to occur, Dan told The Leader.

“We were both devastated, but we had great support from our families as well as from the Kootingal Roosters football club,” he said.

“We have a five-year-old daughter, Whitney, who was so excited about having a baby sister. Telling her was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

“After getting some great advice from an organisation called Bears of Hope, we introduced Whitney to her little sister.

“It was heartbreaking, but she held her and played with her. We told her the reason Imogen didn’t wake up was because she was in heaven with the angels.

“The second day after it happened, a social worker came round and told us a bear with Imogen’s name on it would be given to another family via Bears of Hope.”

It’s not the sort of thing you’d expect from a tough football player, who wrangles sheep and cattle by day at the Tamworth Regional Livestock Exchange.

In the macho world of rugby league, talking about such topics would generally be unheard of. But Dan’s teammates had already proven their mettle last winter when they grew beards as part of a fundraising campaign for the Cancer Council, with $6000 donated from the sale of jerseys.

After the Greenwoods lost their beautiful baby, the Roosters stepped up to the plate once again, deciding to let their facial hair do the talking and donate the proceeds to the cause closest to all of their hearts – Bears of Hope – naming their campaign Beards of Hope.

If you’d like to donate to the cause, visit beardsofhope2015.gofundraise南京夜网419论坛/page/kootyroosters4boh or go to beardsofhope on Facebook or the Kooty Roosters’ Facebook page.

The campaign concludes on August 29, when the beards will be removed after the semi-final at a big fundraising bash at the Kootingal Hotel.

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Tradies in fisticuffs at hotel

TWO Hunter tradesmen have been charged after an altercation at a Tamworth hotel at theweekend.
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Police will allege the pair, aged in their 30s and working in the Tamworth area, got into a physical argument with a Tamworth man in the gaming room of the Longyard Hotel just before 9pm on Saturday.

One of the men allegedly got a small sledgehammer from his work utility in the car park before returning inside.

A licensing sergeant, who was in the hotel at the time, intervened and confronted the pair, who were arrested.

The sledgehammer was seized and both men were taken to Tamworth Police Station and charged with offensive conduct and custody of an offensive implement.

The utility, owned by the pair, was also reported stolen from the hotel while the men were in custody at the police station.

The vehicle was located shortly afterwards, left abandoned in West Tamworth, and towed from the scene.

Police believe the vehicle was stolen from the hotel after the keys were misplaced by the owner during the altercation.

Both men were granted conditional bail to attend court at a later date.

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More live broadcasts in Channel Nine deal

The deal could negatively affect NRL attendance figures, the worst this year since 2004. Picture: GETTY IMAGES.RUGBY LEAGUE
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Chief executive Dave Smith has welcomed the NRL’s $925 million broadcast deal with Channel Nine as a win for fans and player welfare but admits rugby league has a significant challenge to arrest a decline in crowds.

The NRL announced on Monday that Nine had secured the rights to broadcast the NRL from 2018 to 2022.

The network will screen matches four days a week, twice as many as now available on free-to-air TV.

Matches will be screened during prime time on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and on Sundays at 4pm.

“For our fans, I want to make sure this is all about the fans, this is a huge step forward,” Smith said.

“The point about free-to-air is that more and more of our fans are going to have access to the game in whatever shape and form it is.”

However, more live games could further adversely affect the NRL’s attendance figures, which are down 6 per cent this year and are the worst since 2004.

Smith said a more accessible product would help to grow the game further but it also means the game’s governing body and its clubs would have to work harder to lure fans to the games.

“This game is wonderful to watch on TV, it always has been and it always will be, so in a way we are competing with ourselves at a certain level,” Smith said.

“It is a constant tension, and I think it is partly solved by having a strong game-day proposition.

“[Having] us in control of the schedule and the draw … also getting decent stadium infrastructure across all parts of the game and right now we haven’t got that.”

The NRL has regained control of the playing schedule from the long-time rugby league broadcaster, which means that they can decide when and where games are played.

Smith said the NRL had identified 85 premium games such as local derbies to help give clubs equal exposure and to make the schedule more crowd friendly.

Under the new schedule, State of Origin II will be played on a Sunday night during a stand-alone representative weekend and international football, including the trans-Tasman Test, will be played at the end of the NRL season.

Monday night football will be axed and the premiership will be reduced one round from the current 26.

Player welfare has been improved under the new schedule, Smith said, and five-day turnarounds between rounds will be axed.

The Rugby League Players’ Association said the new deal had taken important steps in reducing player burnout. – AAP

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Mumm’s the word as Wallabies’ star rises

Wallabies lock Dean Mumm, mid-picture, celebrates Australia’s win over the All Blacks on Saturday. Picture: GETTY IMAGESRUGBY UNION
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Returning to Australia on a wing and a prayer, Wallabies lock Dean Mumm is set to continue his remarkable resurgence by stepping into New Zealand rugby’s hottest cauldron.

Mumm played 33 Tests between 2008 and 2010 but looked unlikely to add to that tally after going to English club Exeter in 2012.

After three years there, Mumm signed for his old Super Rugby side NSW Waratahs for 2016, but linked up with them in June and played in their last three rounds.

Waratahs and Wallabies coach Michael Cheika initially dismissed any suggestion Mumm could be a contender for a World Cup berth but then chose the lock in his Rugby Championship squad.

Mumm played his first Test in almost five years last month, coming off the bench to score a try against Argentina, and then he started against New Zealand.

Mumm says he could not have imagined such a scenario even three months ago.

“I was coming back on a little bit of a wing and a prayer. I hadn’t spoken to Cheik,” he said.

Mumm tasted defeat in his first seven encounters with the All Blacks but has savoured victory in his last two, albeit almost five years apart.

New Zealand-born Mumm, whose family migrated to Australia when he was around 18 months old, knows the Wallabies face an enormous task to win at Eden Park, the spiritual home of the All Blacks.

“We’re expecting a pretty full-on Kiwi response, I’d say, at Eden Park in front of a crowd that is extremely patriotic in a place that they absolutely love playing.

“They are the best team in the world because they are very very consistent, and they are going home to their favourite ground to play.

“It’s a very big challenge for us but one we’re very much looking forward to.”

Mumm acknowledged the Wallabies had some work to do on their lineouts, after the All Blacks snaffled a number of their throws last weekend.

That Test was the first since November 2009 against Wales, when Mumm started in the second row alongside his Australian under-21 colleague James Horwill.

Meanwhile, fringe Wallabies squad members Christian Lealiifano and Sean McMahon have been released from Australia’s Bledisloe Cup training camp to play for a World XV against Japan in Tokyo, joining recent Wallabies squad members Nick Cummins and Taqele Naiyaravoro among 14 Australian internationals.

Cheika has recalled Queensland Reds centre Samu Kerevi and NSW Waratahs captain Dave Dennis into his squad for the weekend. – AAP

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Import Ruef a key weapon for Hoppers

Ulverstone’s Mikaela Ruef in action earlier this season. Picture: Stuart Wilson.
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SHE has hardly trained with her team all year and hasn’t even seen them this week, but that won’t stop Mikaela Ruef from being the key factor in tonight’s NWBU women’s grand final.

The Ulverstone import has been the competition’s dominant centre since suiting up for the team in round seven, averaging 22.13 points and an enormous 20.33 rebounds per game.

Such has been her influence, the Hoppers have only lost once in the 15 games she has played, and enter tonight’s showdown against Devonport on the back of a 10-game winning streak.

Despite a 21-point, 27-rebound effort against the Warriors in an emphatic semi-final win two weeks ago, Ruef said she wasn’t being weighed down by any expectations to produce a similar game tonight.

“I just try to go out every game and give what I can to help my team win the game,” the 24-year-old from Ohio said.

“There probably are expectations, but I don’t feel the pressure to play well and try my best.

“I’m definitely excited, but I’m not too nervous and I think it will be a good game.

“We played Devonport a few weeks ago and are pretty familiar with them.”

Ruef travelled to Tasmania to play with the Launceston Tornadoes in the SEABL, and wasn’t aware that she would be lining up with the Hoppers until after she arrived. But such is her talent and professionalism, the transition to the NWBU has been seamless.

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Dad asks MPs for holiday travel cash

Holiday destination Uluru. Donate to Stephen Callaghan’s holiday fundhere
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A FATHER of three has set up a crowd-funding campaign hoping federal politicians will help fund his family holiday to Uluru.

Stephen Callaghan, of Blue Haven, decided to make the invitation to MPs after being outraged to learn some fly their children around the country on the taxpayer.

‘‘I think it was always in the back of our mind that the politicians were abusing the system by scheduling these iffy appointments just so they could go to the footy, but I had no idea they were carting around their family at our expense,’’ he said on Monday.

The page began with this post:

“Dear Federal MP’s … It has come to my attention that many of you have been using tax payers’ money to fly your children around on various holidays, fireworks visits, excursion and overseas vacations.

I would appreciate it greatly if you were able to donate to my Go Fund Me campaign so MY kids can go on a holiday too.

This isn’t designed to beg for donationsfrom everyday Australians…. they have already paid too much for YOUR kids…. but I find that Australian people are generally amazingly generous and fair minded. I can guarantee I will get more from Aussie Workers than I will from Politicians on $200k (plus entitlments)… all I ask is that, in the words of our great Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, my children get a “fair go.”

Please consider being a Lifter (not a Leaner) and lifting my kids aboard a plane or a train (or even a crusie ship if you give generously) by sharing the perks YOU get with 3 ordinary Australian kiddies.

By last night, the page had more than $4249 pledged and was updated with the following information:

“Thank you for the donations and more importantly the beautiful words of support.

‘I thought you should know the following donations from Federal MPs…



Christopher Pyne – BUGGER ALL

Bronwyn Bishop – NOT A SAUSAGE


Every other Federal MP… Labor, Liberal, Greens & Independents – ZILCH.

“This campaign has exceeded my expectations for one very simple reason.

I didn’t really have any expectations.

It angered me that our politicians just take for granted and treat so casually the things that you and I have to work for. My kids have never even been on a plane, let alone Business Class. But then getting others to pay for my family holiday wasn’t my main motivation either.

I wanted to shame our Politicians. To make them aware that we think their squandering of our hard earned money has gone on long enough. It has to stop.

Is this achieving that? I don’t know for sure but I do know this campaign has been getting plenty of publicity. ABC Radio & TV, SBS TV. Radio New Zealand, the BBC, Buzzfeed, The Daily Mail. The Today Show. And the donations from ordinary people have been humbling. There is a common theme… you are angry and disgusted too.

But one thing has not happened. Not one word of acknowledgment, not one donation, from a Federal Politician. This to me just highlights the arrogance and contempt with which they hold us all.

What will happen to the money? I am naturally getting some blowback. People angry that I am taking money so I can have a nice holiday. Envy or anger maybe that they didn’t think of it first.

Well we had planned a holiday. A driving holiday to Uluru. Staying in caravan parks in our camper trailer. Doing it as cheaply as we could. And we still will. The money will go towards some new tyres for our car… it is after all a 6,900 klm round trip…maybe some fuel… maybe a treat for the kids and one night in a hotel for us all.

We will however be making a substantial donation on your behalf to a charity called Stewart House… they provide holidays free of care to kids who are doing it tough at home. More info can be found here stewarthouse.org419论坛

I will post here the full details of the amount given when this campaign is done. I will give our Pollies a few more days… just in case they really want to help me out 🙂

Thank you again to those who have donated and for the heartwarming comments. If nothing else has been achieved you have shown my kids what bloody wonderful people there are in the world.”

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Company keeps up generous tradition

Founder’s day: Commemorating the birthday of the parent company’s founder, Wollongong Coal chief executive Milind Oza, centre, hands gifts of cash, books and grocery vouchers to Sarah Wilson, manager of Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre.Picture: ADAM McLEANThe man who started Jindal Steel spent a lot of time working to alleviate poverty and boost the poorer sections of Indian society.
Nanjing Night Net

“Where others saw walls, he saw doors” – that is how he is fondly remembered in his homeland.

So to honour its parent company founder Shri Op Jindal, Wollongong Coal is donating to worthy causes.

Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre stands to benefit thanks to the company’s gifts of $2000 cash, $500 in grocery vouchers and $600 worth of children’s books.

“The donation was to mark Founder’s Day, which is celebrated by our parent company in India, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd,” a Wollongong Coal spokesman said.

“The seventh of August is the late founding chairman’s birthday and the company celebrates it by donating to worthy causes.”

Mr Jindal was a visionary, remembered for his business excellence and social responsibilities alike. He believed that without uplifting weak sections of society, a nation could never prosper.

Wollongong Coal chief executive Milind Oza did the honours and handed over the gifts on Friday.

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